User Focused Products

Web portals for special interests.
With great user experience and information you really want.

User Experience

Think new. Think simple. We listen to our users. We test everything. Users do not have to think about how our web portals work. They just understand how to use them, right from the first visit.


Content is king. This saying is old but it's true. We build and organize content in a new way. So everyone will find what he is looking for.


Privacy is very important to us. We only use personal data if we really need it. For the advertising and tracking on our web portals we use an absolut minimum of data and only pseudonymised visitors data. External backend services are always connected anonymously.

Tech Stack

Keep it simple, stupid. Many people think too complicated. In most cases, a simple solution is the best solution. If the tech stack is getting too complex, we start to redesign and simplify it.


Our current and new project is a festival search portal. Starting in Germany you can find festivals you really like: Dein Festival

We also work on other projects.
They will cooming soon. Stay tuned.